Hanging Out in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Halifax, Nova Scotia: May 23, 2015

We woke up to cool and rainy weather. Here's the view from our hotel room, overlooking the Halifax wharf:

Not a good day for sitting on the patio, but we had a delightful lunch at The Old Triangle - an Irish pub
just around the corner from the hotel.

The Old Triangle, Halifax

After lunch, we went for a walk, in search of the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame.

The Town Clock:

Getting warmer! Here's the hockey rink at the Scotia Centre:

Walking around to the other side of the Scotia Centre....

Michael Sanders

There it is!

Michael Sanders at the Scotia Centre
Just walk right in! The museum is free:

But first...take a look at the Scotia Centre memorabilia:

Hockey! Nova Scotia is the birthplace of hockey, and Sidney Crosby is from Nova Scotia, so there was a really
nice exhibit for him. We hadn't anticipated enjoying it as much as we did. This poor poor dryer:

Sidney Crosby's Dryer, Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame
It's a really nice museum, that focuses on the local Olympians as well as sports history for the area...

That means it is time to learn about Quoits!

The First Basketball Team:

Outside the museum, the March of the Dolphins -look out!

We headed down to the wharf:

Does your college have something as cool as that as a mascot?

We went to the Nova Scotian Crystal factory at the wharf - "North America's Only Mouth-Blown, Hand-Cut Crystal Maker":

I had to get out of there - I was about ready to buy a whole set of glasses! Next stop on our rain-soaked walk was the Maritime
Museum of the Atlantic
. In their lobby, you can see what the plan is for pirates - you were warned!

Entering the museum....

Michael Sanders
It's Merlin!

All over the museum, they had detailed scale models of ships. I can't imagine how much work is needed to create these!

Everyone has security posters....

View of the dock from the museum:

My new buddy:
Kari Sanders (Kari Sue Rawluk)
Kari Sanders (Kari Sue Rawluk)
Kari Sanders (Kari Sue Rawluk)

The museum has a large Titanic exhibit. Halifax was very involved after the Titanic disaster - sending rescue boats
as well as retrieving and burying many of the bodies.

After all the times I have heard the expression about re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, I
just had to have a picture of an actual deck chair from the Titanic.
deck chairs on the Titanic

The museum can be seen from our hotel window (below)... we headed back to the hotel once we were done.

Dinner time! We miss T-Wa's, and were happy to find a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant named "Star Anise".

Tasty dessert! Fried banana rolls with mango drizzle and vanilla ice cream.

Walking back to the hotel...

Does this look like a Best Buy to you? Well, it's not a real Best Buy. We took a trip to look for headphones for
Mike, since his had broken during our travels to Canada. What we found out when we went to use his rewards points card is that
Best Buy sells their trademark to Canadian stores, but they are not real Best Buys - they don't honor the rewards card, and things
bought in that store cannot be exchanged in an American Best Buy, or vice verse. hmph. We opted to not buy headphones there.

View of the wharf at night from our hotel:

It's off-peak season, so we had the hotel bar to ourselves. We got to try some Cape Breton whiskey while we were there - very nice!

Michael Sanders

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