Kyoto - Group Dinner
Kyoto, Japan: June 3, 2013

We had a large group dinner! The group included William's group from Stanford University as well as
our crew from the Colorado School of Mines.
(Thank goodness for the concierge at the Grand Prince - they found
this place for us! Many of the restaurants in Kyoto are too small to handle a group this big.)

The cook thought we should try his pizza - it was really good!

Mike and Dan:
Dan Clark and Michael Sanders in Kyoto
On the left: Ann, Jason,and Ryan. Ryan's PhD advisor from Stanford, Fritz (blue shirt), Stefan and Jianhua are on the right.
Ann Deml, Jason Fish, Stefan Nikodemski, Jianhua Tong, and Ryan O'Hare in Kyoto
Jianhua, Dan, Mike, me, and Ann:
Jianhua Tong, Daniel Clark, Michael Sanders, Kari Sanders, and Ann Demlin Kyoto

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