Sanders Collage
Colorado: 1997

As a going-away present when we were moving to California, Mike's mom made a collage of old family pictures for us. The first set is of Gwenn (mom), Terry (dad), and Rannae (sister):

Here's a picture of Mike, Rob, Rannae, and Danielle from ~1990:

Grandma Nicholls (Gwenn's mom) and Gwenn:

Grandma Kitty (dad's mom):

Auntie Linda (dad's sister) and Groanie:

Mike's cousins on his mom's side (mom's brother, Dale's children): Jay, Anna, and Casey:

Mike's Uncle Dale, with his daughter Danielle and baby son, Casey:

The "M.T. Sanders Clan": Robert, Aunt Bella, Sarah, Mark, with Uncle Mark (dad's brother) in the back:

Robert, Mark, and Sarah:

Mike's mom's cousin, Dave and his wife, Nancy:

Dave and Nancy's children: Travis and Bridget