Colorado School of Mines - Edays Fireworks Video
Golden, Colorado: April 5, 2014

Every year, the Colorado School of Mines has their EDays (Engineering Days) celebration - complete with fireworks and dynamite.

This year, the fireworks show started half an hour early, so Mike and I watched it from the hill near our house. Here's 11 minutes of
video that my little camera from Tokyo took from half way across Golden. (I'm still so impressed!) The raw video is in HD with better sound
quality, but you get a good sense of the show from the web version. We are far away, so there is a time delay on the sound from the explosions (gas explosions and dynamite).
Also, because Golden is in a valley, you hear the sound echoing between the foothills and the mesas.

If you don't have 11 minutes, fast forward to the mayhem that is the grand finale!



Edays 2014. AVI file, 87.2 Mb


Here's a cool picture someone posted on the CSM Facebook page:

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