Clara Sanders' 4th Birthday Party
Arvada, Colorado: April 4, 2014

Clara is already 4! (and she can read - story later). We went to a birthday party at her Grandma and Grandpa's
house (her grandpa, Mark, is Mike's Dad's brother). Here's the guest of honor - not sure what she was fussing with, but it was serious business.
(The two little girls behind her are Erika and Pat Dangerfield's granddaughters, with their mom, Maddie.)

Here are the door decorations with Hailey (Rob's dog) waiting to play.

and she got her wish! Mike and Clara went out to play with her.

Rob talking with Bella's sister, Roberta, and her fiancèe, Dimetheus. Not sure what Rob said, but his aunt is giving him quite a look!


Clara sitting with her Aunt Sarah and Evan, while Pat and Erika's oldest granddaughter, Brooke, looks on.

Valerie had a new game - harassing Mark.

Time for presents!

Bella's mom, Molly Gonzales, with Sara, Hailey (the dog), and Evan.

Clara was moving at hyperspace speed, and her poor dad (Rob Sanders) was trying to slow her down. He was just left behind holding gifts...

Bella talking with the human Hailey - Mark's girlfriend. (It's been a running joke ever since the human Hailey
was accidentally give a present for Hailey, the dog, at Christmas. She just wasn't enthused about dog treats.

Maddie is bored....

Mike's mom, Gwenn Sanders, and Hailey's sister, La'Tisha Hensel.

Mike's uncle, Mark Sanders, and Pat Dangerfield

Clara can read! Her dad had been reading the cards to her, but for this one, she grabbed it and read it.
Bella said that she had surprised them with her reading skills. They kept hearing her talking in the bathroom,
and couldn't figure out who she was talking to. Then, they realized she was reading the magazines.

From left to right, in front: Rannae Lyon, Valerie Lyon, Mark Sanders.
In back: Rob Lyon, Mike Sanders, Gwenn Sanders, La'Tisha Hensel.

Mike's sister, Rannae Lyon, and his cousin, Mark, with Valerie and Clara.

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