First Full Day at Stephen Lake - Part 2
Wasilla, Alaska: June 14, 2014

Up at the new cabin for lunch

Valerie by the hot tub.

stairs to the walk-out basement:

Rannae, Rob, Maddie, and Valerie stayed in the basement. Mike and I shared their restroom
and shower, since the old cabin doesn't have one.

Coming back up to the main floor:

Don and MK had a local artist make this using a drawing Rob had made of the lion:

Looking in to the living room from the front door:

Shed outside:

The outhouse:

The new cabin:

Hot tub time after lunch! The hot tub made both of our nieces' top 10 list of cool things in Alaska:




Paddleboat - Terry and Maddie. AVI file, 2.7 Mb
Paddleboat - Rannae and Valerie. AVI file, 5.2 Mb


Maddie practiced fishing while Val kept herself busy:

Pretty flowers and ferns:

I like the layers of branches.

Looking at the sideof the old cabin from the stairs that go down to the dock:

Preparing dinner. We had steak and fried hallibut. Mary Kay's cousin, Grace, and her guests came to visit as well,
so there were 15 people at the cabin for dinner. Grace and two friends staye in a RV next to the new cabin.
Mary Kay, Don, and Grace's other guests stayed in a neighbor's cabin across the lake.



Frying Fish. AVI file, 1.9 Mb


Hanging out after dinner:

Maddie became enamored with talking into the fan.




Video of the Lake at Night (About 11 pm) - with commentary from Rob. AVI file, 3.6 Mb


The end of a long day:

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