New Mexico Trip - Presentation and NRAO and our Return to Los Alamos through Jemez
Los Alamos and Socorro, Mew Mexico: May 8, 2015

Here I am at the NRAO - it's presentation day! Mike tried to get a few pictures - the wind was having fun with my hair.
Kari Sanders (Kari Sue Rawluk)
Kari Sanders (Kari Sue Rawluk)
Kari Sanders (Kari Sue Rawluk)
Kari Sanders (Kari Sue Rawluk)
The NRAO's Technology campus in Socorro is in the same location as New Mexico Tech. They have an "M" on their hill, too,
but it's not like the "M" on Mt. Zion for Mines. Our "M-blem" is designed to account for the slope of the hill so that you can view it
with the proper proportions from the ground. just sayin'.
New Mexico Tech
New Mexico Tech
We bought a to-go lunch from the New Mexico Tech cafeteria and ate it in the lunch area of the NRAO building where I would be presenting.
That area has a lovely mountain view; however, it was too windy to do anything but enjoy it from the inside. The presentation was cozy - which was great!
We were in a small conference room with a Video Tele-Conference set up to the other sites. The attendees were very receptive to my presentation and had
a lot of good questions that will help me improve it in the future. The VTC setup took some getting used to - the camera was pointed such that I had to stand
by the middle of the table instead of by the screen - the NRAO on-demand training now has video of me walking off the screen to point to something and then
commenting "oops! I walked off the screen." I suppose that's your stamp of authenticity that it was actually me and not some body-double. *grin*

Time to head back to Los Alamos!

A pueblo!

This church reminded Mike of the one in the "Kill Bill" movies:

Let's say this picture is merely a visual prompt - now entering the Jemez National Forest.
Overall,I think I did pretty well, given the number of bug smears on the windshield.


Onward to Los Alamos!

A giant volcano caldera - "Valles Caldera National Preserve"

Los Alamos National Laboratory:

Turn left!

Los Alamos National Laboratory:

and we're back at our hotel in Los Alamos!

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