Ryan O'Hare's Birthday Party
Golden, Colorado: May 14, 2015

Surprise! Ryan's birthday may have included Anna's first dentist appointment (which she did very well with), but it also
included a surprise party that his wife, Lisa, set up at the brewery next door! We met at Barrels and Bottles to celebrate.

Anna had quite the entrance!
Lisa Wong, Anna O'Hare
From left to right: friends of Ryan's from ultimate frisbee at NREL; Lisa, Anna, and Ryan; Dan Clark, my hubby, Taehyun Park
(a visiting student from South Korea - Ryan went to school with his advisor, Suk-Won Cha), and Ivar Reimanis.
Lisa Wong, Anna O'Hare, Ryan O'Hare, Dan Clark, Michael Sanders, Taehyun Park, Ivar Reimanis

Lisa and Anna with Ivar's wife:

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