Our House-To-Be
Golden, Colorado: 2003

We are buying a house in Golden, Colorado, and we plan to close on July 7, 2003. Here are some "before" pictures of how it looks now. The current owner, who happens to be the photographer that took our wedding pictures, is still moving out, so please excuse the mess! (It's not ours.)

Floor Plan
Mike has been working with some 3D architecture software to draw up 2D and 3D representations of the floor plan. Here is the 2D version, without the patio and garage. North is to the right.
House floorplan

Front of the House
The Prius and Jetta in front of the house. You can see part of the foothills behind the house (looking West). Mike really likes the Aspen grove in the front.
Mike in front of our house

Mike standing by the front door.
Mike in front of our house

The Street
This is the street in front of the house, looking south toward downtown Golden. This neighborhood is on a hill overlooking Golden, so you just see where there's nothing after the house on the end of the street.
Street in front of our house

Front Yard
From the front yard, you get glimpses of South Table Mountain. (looking east. South Table Mountain separates this part of Golden from Denver and its suburbs.)
Front yard

Front yard

Side Yard
The side yard is somewhat small, but the path leads to the back yard.
Side yard

Back Yard
The back yard is a bit overgrown, but I'll fix that and put in some better landscaping over the course of the summer.
Back yard

A closer look at the covered patio, to the north, then to the south.
Back yard, looking north

Back yard, looking south

Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room
Welcome! This is the view of the front door from the living room.
Looking at the front door

This is the kitchen, as seen from the living room. (There is a hutch on its side blocking the foreground. That won't be there in the future, leaving a very nice open floor plan.)

The kitchen, door to the garage, and the dining room.
Kitchen and dining room

The dining room, as seen from the hallway.
Dining room

Mike making measurements in the living room, as seen from the dining room.
Living room

The door to the garage is between the kitchen and the dining room.
Door to the garage

This is a two-car garage.

The hallway leads from the front-door to the bedrooms (opening is before you get to the living room)

Master Bedroom
Master bedroom as seen from the northeast corner of the room.
Master bedroom

Master bedroom as seen from the hallway.
Master bedroom as seen from hallway


View from the study. You catch another glimpse of South Table Mountain.
View from the study

Laundry room / small bedroom
We're not quite sure what to do with this room. It was originally designed as a laundry room (has water, 220V connections and dryer vent.) Our other option would be to knock out the closet, change the coat closet into the bedroom closet and make this a real room. Right now, it has a funky L-shape. (see floor plan)
Little bedroom

The basement was a major selling point for us. It's somewhat unusual, at least by our experience, to find a large basement near downtown Golden. We especially like the high ceilings.

Here's a picture of Mike standing at the top of the basement stairs, as seen from the bottom of the stairs.

This is the basement bedroom. It's partially finished (no padding under the rug, etc.) Our plan is to take down the paneling, add some sound-proofing, and turn it into the band room.


This is the downstairs bathroom. Even this one has a green toilet, the upstairs bathroom is actually first on the remodeling list. *grin* (The floor in the upstairs/first floor bathroom is cracked from previous water damage. We plan to replace the floor, fixtures, etc.)

We thought having the rest of the basement as a huge expanse was actually a benefit, since it will give us plenty of options for way-far-in-the-future finishing plans. It's a complicated scheme that involves some work upstairs as well. Our thought was to eventually vault the ceiling upstairs, use some pillars to open up the walls near the staircase, turn the staircase around so it does not have to be so steep, add a master-suite-esque room where the ironing board is now, re-do the bathroom, and use the large area where Mike is standing to create a family room with a wet bar/sink area. Like I said, that's way in the future, if we decide to stay in the Golden area after Mike graduates from Mines in 5-6 years. (which will depend highly upon where he gets a job.)