Daniel Anderson's Birthday Party
Arvada, Colorado: December 13, 2014

Party time! We're at Jarl and Christy's house for Daniel's 5th birthday!

Jarl, Christy, Christy's dad (Tom), her mom (Mindy) and Katrina:
Jarl Anderson, Christy Tidd, Tom Tidd, Mindy Tidd, Katrina Anderson
Our first activity was a craft! We're making snowman shooters. You use the rubber hat to shoot cotton balls.
Here's Mike with Christy's brother, Ryan:
Michael Sanders, Ryan Tidd

Here's my creation - snowball shooter with fruit.

Daniel has been collecting signs for his new room.
Daniel Anderson (Daniel Jarlath Anderson)

"No, Michael."
MichaelSanders, Daniel Anderson
Katrina's new room:

Hello, Katrina!
Katrina Anderson
Party guest seeing if Tashi likes nuts.
(The answer is "no", followed by "I have to go over here now.")

New game! Jarl made the penguin.

Katrina Anderson


Jarl taking pictures and Katrina having a grand time!

Mike demonstrating a hook shot:

picture from Jarl:

Who wants a party hat?

Jarl's mom (Denise), his sister (Heaven), and niece (Fiona) joined us - and were promptly party-hatted!

picture from Jarl -time for the Birthday Parade!
Michael Sanders
picture from Jarl - me and Mike:
Kari Sanders (Kari Rawluk), Michael Sanders

New game! For this one, Jarl and I each held the end of a broomstick that had a blue blanket draped over it.
Christy hid behind the blanket. When the kids cast a fishing line over, she attached something - either a prize or a sock!
Birthday boy first:

Tashi investigates.

...and she seeks refuge in the basement.

Heav and Fiona help Katrina play:
Heaven Ferry, Fiona Ferry, Katrina Anderson
Heaven Ferry, Fiona Ferry, Katrina Anderson

Time for cake!



Happy Birthday to Daniel! AVI file, 4.3 Mb


Fiona Ferry, Katrina Anderson

Tashi's new refuge:

My favorite Tashi picture! Love the ears.

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