Solar Fan
Golden, Colorado: July, 2007

We've been on a mission to improve the energy efficiency of our home over the past few years - new windows and patio door, new siding with soffit vents (previously, there were no vents in the soffits), new insulation around the joists in the basement, mastic to better seal the duct work, and additional insulation in the attic. The house has certainly become much more comfortable. But the attic still seemed too hot, because it had too little venting in the top of the roof. So, thanks to Eleanor for her anniversary present to us (#9, I know it's hard to believe), we bought a solar fan.

Here's the fan after it arrived. It is called a "Fan Attic" and we bought it from Positive Energy.

Lots of little solar panels on the top:

Mike and his dad installed it. Here it is - a little fan in a big world.

It really is very quiet. It doesn't have a temperature sensor - it just runs whenever the batteries are charged. We tested it in the backyard before installing it, and Mike said it was even on during the installation.