Golden, Colorado: November 28, 2013

We went to Mike's parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner.


Valerie reading to Nancy and me, AVI file, 13 Mb

Maddie reading to my brother, AVI file, 18.2 Mb


Table setting, with Gwenn and Terry's new couches:


From left to right on the couch: Mike's sister, Rannae; my dad, Tony; Rannae's hubby, Rob; my bro, Mike
Behind the couch: Scott and Travis Kerbaugh

From left to right: Nancy and Dave Kerbaugh (Dave is Mike's mom's cousin); Mike's parents (Gwenn and Terry)

Mike playing with Maddie and Val (Rannae &Rob's daughters) in what was once his bedroom.
Everyone was being uncooperative about a picture, but I love Maddie's face in this one:

Mike with Maddie and Val:

Travis (Dave & Nancy's son) thinking this pose was going to somehow avoid getting his picture taken *grin*:

Dave and his brother, Scott:

Grandma Kitty and Auntie Linda (Terry's mom and sister) looking at the train Maddie built:

Maddie reading to Grandma Kitty:

Rob trying to avoid a picture:

Board games! Mike, Maddie, Val, my dad, and my bro:

Rob avoiding a picture again:

Mike and Rannae in time out, just like old times:

Me, my brother, and our parents with Val and Maddie:

Maddie reading to my brother:

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