Davin Foote's School Project
Golden, Colorado: April 7 - May 4, 2014


April 7, 2014 - Flat Stanley arrives in Golden

This page is for Chrysti's son's school project. Flat Stanley arrived today, and is going to
stay with us for a month so Davin can learn about life in Colorado. Here he is resting in our living
room after his journey.

He played some drums to relax.

He also met our cat, Chloe.

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April 8, 2014 - Flat Stanley gets to know Chloe, our cat

The best way to get Chloe to warm up to you is to take her outside!
So,Flat Stanley took her out for a walk in the back yard after I got home from work.

You get a good view of North Table Mountain from the hill in our back yard.

Flat Stanley's selfie with the moon.

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April 11, 2014 - Flat Stanley goes to the Denver Art Museum

Mike, Diana, and I went to the Denver Art Museum's annual wine tasting and fundraiser (DAM Uncorked) - with Flat Stanley of course!
Here he is with his ticket:

Here he is with our friend, Diana when our favorite driver, Jenna, from Anthony's Limo picked us up. (Jenna is the owner's daughter, and she lives about 2 blocks away from us.)

Diana took a picture of Flat Stanley and me in front of the museum - but all you see is Flat Stanley and hair (it was windy).

One of the floral arrangements on the tables:

Helping hands display - hand traces of museum donors:

View of part of down-town Denver from the second floor patio at the museum:

Capital Building dome

New wing of the museum:

Original wing of the museum:

Don't worry - we don't know what this installation is all about either...

We had dinner outside on the first floor patio.

View of the Native American Trading Company and Pint's Pub from the first floor patio.

View of the Byers-Evans House and Museum

Looking up at the museum from the patio

There were Maserati's on display in the courtyard outside the museum.

Outside the museum, headed toward the street:

Hanging out by the Denver Public Library:

Flat Stanley never thought he'd get a picture with a horse on a chair

Jenna's here! Good night from Denver!

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April 14, 2014 - Colorado Weather and Wings

Flat Stanley learned that weather in Colorado is different from what he is accustomed to on Long Island.
Although it was sunny and almost 70 degrees on Saturday, it snowed on Sunday. Here he is with what is left of the
spring snow on Monday:

He also went to get lunch with my hubby, Mike, and his friend Fish (Jason Fish).
They went to Jimmy's Wings:

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April 18, 2014 - Dinner at Tim and Becky's House

Flat Stanley joined us for dinner at Tim and Becky's house in Aurora. They were happy to see he had come along!
Here he is outside their house:

He met Becky's cow collection:

Here he is with Moo-lan Rouge

He helped with the grill.

and explored the back yard.

Selfies with a bunny who came to visit!

Flat Stanley with Mike and Tim

Flat Stanley with me and Becky:

Dinner is just about ready!

Selfies with Becky's cat worked better without the flash...

than with the flash.

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April 19, 2014 - Danielle's Birthday Party and Avs Game

Flat Stanley went to Mike's cousin, Danielle's 40th birthday party:

Later in the evening, he hung out with Mike and watched the Colorado Avalanche play in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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April 20, 2014 - Easter!

Flat Stanley had fun at our house for Easter. He found some eggs:

He met Super Toad:

He played catch with Rob Lyon (Mike's sister's husband):

and he enjoyed exploring the gardens

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April 24, 2014 - Flat Stanley Commutes to Boulder

Flat Stanley went to work with me today. It was 43 deg and windy this morning, but he was still up for taking some pictures.
Here we are leaving the neighborhood, about to turn onto Highway 93 to head north:

We stopped up at Pioneer to get some pictures looking at Golden:

and looking north

Here we are at the intersection of Highway 93 and Highway 72:

We stopped near Rocky Flats to get pictures of the wind turbines, horses, and the Flatirons (rock formation near Boulder)

I wanted to take Flat Stanley to the scenic overlook on Highway 36, so we took a slight detour by heading east on Highway 128 to McCaslin Blvd.
We got more pictures of the wind turbines and the Flatirons from Highway 128.

Unfortunately, the scenic overlook was closed for construction, so I grabbed some pictures for Flat Stanley and Davin while driving down the hill.
This is going north on Highway 36 into Boulder. You can see there is still snow on the Rocky Mountains.

Here we are at work! We took some pictures outside. Pictures aren't allowed in the facility.

Time to go home!

We stopped along Highway 93 just south of Highway 72 to get pictures with the hogback (light colored rock formation):

Since it was such a pretty evening (70 degrees and not windy), we went to North Table Mountain to get some pictures of Golden.
The factory in the foreground is Coors. The golden dome belongs to the administrative building at the Colorado School of Mines.
From North Table mountain, we are looking south/south-west toward Golden.

Looking back at North Table Mountain

Looking east toward Denver

Home again! Looking north-east toward North Table Mountain:

and back at the house. Time to make some dinner after a hard day's work!

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April 27, 2014 - Flat Stanley makes chili

The weather was cold and cloudy today, so we didn't take a walking tour of the Colorado School of Mines.
Instead, we stayed in, and Flat Stanley helped make some chili!

In the kitchen, there is a Ukrainian dish that had belonged to my grandmother.

It still has Easter candy in it! Flat Stanley got a reward for all his hard work.

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May 1, 2014 - Flat Stanley goes to Pearl Street, attends ninja training, and visits with the Rawluks

Flat Stanley went to work with me again today, and he had quite an evening afterward! First, we went to the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder with Diana.

We went to Pasta Jay's for dinner!

Back on Pearl Street after dinner...

When Flat Stanley met Diana for the event at the Art Museum, he had no idea she was a ninja! She invited him to her
ninja class. This week was bring a friend / street clothes week.

Here he is with Diana and her participation record. She's a blue belt ninja

Diana has committed to obtaining a black belt - there it is on the wall!

The founder of the dojo previously worked as a bodyguard for the Dalai Lama.

Flat Stanley gained some skills for disarming people.

Diana did an awesome job!

We headed outside - Flat Stanley saw the Burger Radio Food Truck!
Burger Radio was on the Ball campus for lunch today. Flat Stanley has learned that gourmet food trucks are very popular in Boulder.

The class got to request a topic for today - they asked about car jackings. Here we are in back of the dojo with Diana's car.

You can see the Flat Irons from here!

Diana confronted her attacker...

and got away!

pretty sunset over the Rocky Mountains

After class, we headed back to Golden. Flat Stanley met my parents, Linda and Tony Rawluk.
They got up at 4 am this morning (Colorado time) to fly from Tampa to Denver for my graduation ceremony.

Here he is with my brother, Mike Rawluk, and my brother's dog, Abby.
Mike, Abby, and Whitney drove from San Diego, California to Colorado. They arrived last night.

He tried to ride my brother's other dog, Whitney.

Flat Stanley played my brother's guitar.

shhhh.... it's getting late. Good night!

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May 2, 2014 - Flat Stanley wins the chili contest!

Most of the chili we made on April 27th was for the Ball HERG (Hispanic Employee Resource Group) Cinco de Mayo chili contest.
We won!

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May 3, 2014 - Flat Stanley goes the Kari's Graduation

Saturday, I graduated from Regis University with a Master's in Business Administration (MBA), specializing in Strategic Management.
Flat Stanley went to campus early with Mike, in order to drop me off for graduation prep and to save seats for the rest of the family.

Waiting for the graduation to begin, with my parents and Mike's parents:

Graduation time!

After the graduation, we all took some pictures on campus. The wind made it difficult for me to keep my hat on.

Flat Stanley with my degree:

Party time! Starting on the left, my mom (Linda Rawluk), my brother (Mike Rawluk), my hubby's mom (Gwenn Sanders),
and his dad (Terry Sanders), Diana Mann, my dad (Tony Rawluk), and our niece (Madeline Lyon).

My hubby (MikeSanders) with Maddie.

My brother with our niece, Valerie Lyon.

Flat Stanley with the owl my brother gave me for my graduation.

We went to look at the tulips and Super Toad in the back yard after the party

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May 3, 2014 - Flat Stanley goes to the Colorado School of Mines and Downtown Golden

After the graduation party, we took a trip up to the Colorado School of Mines.
Mike and I met on my tour of the school and the Physics Department on March 11, 1993. We started dating when I came back to the school that fall (October 11, 1993)...and, as the saying goes, the rest is history!
Flat Stanley and I started the tour by the Materials Science building.

This is a sculpture on campus that represents different periods of technology.

Guggenheim, the administrative building:

Looking at the foothills from the campus commons.

The Mines "M"-blem on Mount Zion lights up at night. It is lit using LEDs now. Mike's great-grandfather worked at Mines and did the wiring for the original light bulbs.

Looking out at the campus from the steps of Guggenheim.

Mines' student center and gym

Blaster, the mule, is the Mines mascot. He represents the school's oldest major - Mining Engineering.

We took a walk through downtown Golden, starting with 12th Street, where Mike and I lived in 1994.

Looking out toward North Golden, where our house is:

Walking east along 12th Street:

Mike and I rented an apartment within this house in 1994:

After walking along 12th Street, Flat Stanley and I walked to Clear Creek.

Looking west:

Looking east:

South Table Mountain, as seen from Clear Creek

Art along the Clear Creek path, near the Golden Hotel.

The main bridge leading into town.

When Mike was in a band in the mid-90's, they played at the Buffalo Rose.
We also went there after our wedding reception in 1998, and to celebrate Mike's dad's retirement a few years ago.

Headed south through downtown Golden, on our way back to the Mines campus.

Looking back at Golden from the hill as we go back to Mines

Made it to the top of the hill! This is the Foothills Art Center.

Back on the Mines campus.

Mike is working in the Materials Science building (Hill Hall), and offered to show the lab to Flat Stanley.

The halls are filled with cool posters.

These are organizations within the Materials Science department that Mike works with:

Mike has a poster in the hallway, too!

Heading into Mike's lab!

Walking through the rest of the building...

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May 3, 2014 - Flat Stanley goes to Dinner at Malone's with the Rawluks

Mike, Flat Stanley, and I went to dinner with my parents and brother to celebrate my graduation. My dad helped Flat Stanley with the menu:


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May 4 - Flat Stanley goes to Mother's Day Dinner and the Sanders'

Since my mom was in town this week for my graduation, Mike's parents hosted an early Mother's Day party. Of course, Flat Stanley was invited!
Here he is in the neighborhood where both my parents and Mike's parents live, looking at the north side of North Table Mountain.

Mike's parents' house:

My brother,Mike, playing with Maddie, Hannah, and Will. (Hannah and Will are my hubby's cousin's kids)

Mike's dad and my parents

Playing outside after dinner...

From Flat Stanley - Being in Colorado has been great! Wow! So many people to meet and things to see!
There's a little bit of everything here. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures!

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