Troy Sanders' First Birthday
Arvada, Colorado: February 27, 2015

One year old already! Troy is Mike's cousin's son - here he is in August visiting withmy family - Troy in August.
I went to his birthday party at Mark and Bella's house (his grandparents. Mike was at the Nuggets game). Here's his cake!

No hanging out on the deck today!

Family gathering in the kitchen

A warm fire in the fireplace:

and Troy!
Troy Sanders
Troy Sanders
He's going to be walking soon. He can already pull himself up to things and barely take a step closer to them.
Troy Sanders
Troy Sanders
He decided he would like to open his presents sooner rather than later...

but his Grandma (Hailey's mom) stopped him.

Clara (Robert Sanders' daughter) and her cousin, Valerie (Rob and Rannae Lyon's daughter) were inseparable, as usual.
Clara Sanders and Valerie Lyon

Back right:Hailey's Mom. Left to right: Grandma Kitty (Mike's dad's mom), Haily Moore (Troy's mom), Rannae Lyon (Mike's sister),
Troy with Hailey's grandma, Gwenn Sanders (Mike's mom), and hiding behind a carrot, Rannae's hubby, Rob.

Troywith his great-grandma:

Inifinite pictures! Troy and Hailey with her grandparents, while Hailey's mom takes a picture.

Maddie (Rannae's daughter) considers her options for dinner.
Madeline Lyon
Hailey with Troy, Mike's Aunt Bella, (in the far back, Bella's son, Robert), Rannae with Maddie, Hailey's mom:
Troy Sanders, Hailey Moore, Bella Sanders, Rannae Lyon (Rannae Sanders), Madeline Lyon

Haily Moore, Troy Sanders

Mike's uncle, Mark, (his dad's brother) talking with Hailey's grandfather:
Mark Sanders
Terry Sanders (Mike's dad), Sarah Sanders (Mark's daughter), and Auntie Linda (Terry and Mark's sister):
Terry Sanders, Sarach Sanders, Linda Sanders
Troy with Hailey's mom and Bella's dad, Bob Gonzales:
Troy Sanders, Bob Gonzales
Clara and Valerie with Bella's iPad:

Getting ready for present time!

Hailey, Troy, Maddie, Bella's mom (Molly Gonzales), Robert, and Bella's sister (Roberta Herron):
Hailey Moore, Troy Sanders, Madeline Lyon, Molly Gonzales, Robert Sanders, Roberta Herron

Troy's paparazzi:

A horse from Hailey's grandparents:

Opening gifts from Mike and I:

Clara Sanders and Valerie Lyon

Opening gifts from my parents (Linda and Tony Rawluk):

Troy got into the tissue paper:



Troy and the tissue paper. AVI file, 13.4 Mb


Troy decided to go his own way regarding which gift would be next:

Hat and sunglasses from his uncle, Robert - who was hoping it would mean Troy stops stealing his.

More stuff from my parents:

Troy didn't quite know what to think of the talking card:

Life of the party!
Troy Sanders, Madline Lyon
Troy Sanders, Madline Lyon

Robert found a huge icicle outside!
Robert Sanders
His mom didn't appreciate getting attacked with it:

Ready for cake!
Troy Sanders, Hailey Moore

Mark Sanders



Cake! AVI file, 7.5 Mb


Trying to get Troy to smile for pictures...

Singing "happy birthday" one more time with the big cake:
Troy Sanders, Hailey Moore

Robert Sanders, Clara Sanders

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