Caturday Visitors
Golden, Colorado: September 27, 2014

First visitors for Braveheart, Cirrus, and Muggins. Time to do some party prep!
Braveheart says "Party?!? What party?"

cleaning the table

Cirrus was taking a nap:

and then became action cat!

strike a pose:

What does making the bed have to do with party prep?

Fine, I'll sit with Mike.

Strike a pose. (Cirrus does that a lot.)

Cirrus in the window...

I love these pictures of Braveheart in the living room:

Muggins and Braveheart have a conference in the hallway.

Cirrus says "There's really nothing there to talk about."

Retreat! Muggins action shot:

"Where did he go?"

Muggins likes to watch TV. Here he is watching Firefly. (He has good taste!)

...and through all that, we did actually get the party prep done.

My mom (Linda Rawluk) with Cirrus:

Braveheart joins the party.

Let's visit Mike!

One of Braveheart's favorite spots:

Me, with my buddy, Braveheart:

Cirrus checks the door:

and spends some time playing with Mike

Cirrus with my dad (Tony Rawluk):

Share my blanket with Cirrus?


It's a Muggins!

But then the phone rang, and Muggins disappeared behind the couch.
Braveheart's still not sold on sharing his blanket.

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