Our House
Golden, Colorado: October 5, 2003

We bought our house on July 7, and have spent a bit of time straightening it up. We're still working to remodel the bathroom upstairs, and we have big plans for the back yard next year. Here's a look at how it looks now. (as compared with the pre-sale pictures previously posted)

Front Yard
Here's the front yard, after a bit of trimming and removing the dead trees.
Front Yard
Front Yard

View from Front Yard: This is the view looking east, at North Table Mountain.
Looking East From Front Yard

Side Yard: This is the south side of the yard.
South Side Yard

Back Yard

The patio, as seen from the dining room.
Patio from dining room

The patio, as seen from the back yard.
Patio As Seen From Back Yard

The back (west side) of the house
West Side of the House

The hill in the back (where we plan to put a retaining wall and terraces)
Hill in Back Yard

The view from the hill in the back yard (now that we've cleared enough underbrush that you can actually walk up there)
Looking East From Back Yard

The Living Room Yes, we did put carpet over the wood floor, except in the kitchen and the front entry.
Living Room
Living Room

The Dining Room
Dining Room

The Kitchen

The Garage Right now, we are using half of the garage to store bathroom materials, such as the toilet bowl, vanity, and tile.

The Laundry Room The L-shaped room in the floorplan has become a laundry room. It's nice to not have to drag the dirty laundry to the basement, and the washer and dryer we bought are really quiet. Mike tiled the part of the floor under the washer and dryer. The rest is carpeted.
Laundry Room
Washer and Dryer

The Study

Mike's Side:

My side:

The Bedroom

Phoebe was wondering why I was wandering around with the camera.
Phoebe on the bed
Shelves and Kinick Knacks

View from the bedroom window.
View from Bedroom

The Basement

The Red Room, named for its most dominant feature. This is the room beneath our bedroom, which Mike has been using as a reading area / study.
My Panda in the Red Room
Red Room

This is the bathroom we have been using as the primary bathroom, while the one upstairs is remodeled.
Basement Bathroom

The rest of the basement is unfinished.