South Park, Colorado
September 14, 2002

Mike and I went to visit his parents' trailer in South Park. Unlike the cartoon show, there aren't a bunch of bratty kids running around - plus, South Park is an area, not a specific town. There is a historic mining town by that name in the area, and many of its buildings resemble those in the cartoon.

Mike's parents own property in Fairplay, one of the towns within the area of South Park. The property is at an altitude of 9000 feet and has a view of Silverheels Mountain.

Aspen Trees
We took a walk to look at the Aspen leaves, changing color for fall.
Aspens in South Park Aspens in South Park
Silver Heels Mountain
Silver Heels
Some of the aspen leaves change to red, instead of yellow.
Red Aspen Leaves

The Gate

The trailer is set far from US -285.

Looking away from the property, toward US-285.
South Park
Looking toward the property.
South Park

The Trailer
Front Desk (with Patches observing our activities)
Trailer at South Park
Trailer at South Park
Trailer at South Park
Dining Room
Trailer at South Park

The Yard
Mike with Patches
Mike with Patches
Looking North, toward Silverheels
Looking Southwest
Looking South, toward the trailer
Looking East
Mike's Dad keeping watch from the dead tree
Terry on the tree
The Jetta in South Park
Mike's Jetta

Riding the Dirt Bike
Mike on the dirt bike
His Dad on the dirt bike.

Camp Fire at Sunset
It was a toasty 43 degrees that night
Camp Fire