Decorations and Cats - Including a cute video of Muggins!
Golden, Colorado: December 20, 2014

Somehow, in-between proposaling efforts, I managed to get all the decorating finished on Friday.

This is for Rob....the fancy chicken survived all assassination attempts and lives on.

ornaments from our trip to Alaska.

New stockings for Cirrus and Muggins!

As promised, Grandma Buzzo's nativity set is up (as well as the little tree she made)

cute little Muggy

door hanger Grandma Buzzo made

Wrapping presents - I have a helper!
Cirrus says, I'll help, too. What do we have here?"

helping from a distance. a required distance. *grumble*



Sideways view of the tree lights. AVI file, 4.7 Mb


I finally got better pictures of Muggins on his hovercraft! He loves to sit on that thing,
stare off into the distance, and make these funny little movements with his head. We joke that he's
saying "ok, hovercraft - let's go!"

hanging out with my helpers.

missed an opportunity to get a picture of Muggins under the tree...

He came out to visit.

playing with the camera string. Muggins is very quiet and reserved in his games, but he
still likes to play with things.



Muggins playing with the camera string. AVI file, 18.4 Mb


Cirrus says "You won't find pictures of me on the internet doing something foolish like that."
Cirrus being serious
Muggins is back under the tree...

and back out to visit, because I tried to get a picture.

ha! snuck up from a different angle! Here's a picture of Muggins under the tree.
Muggins under the tree

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