Sonora Desert Museum
Tucson, Arizona: March 26, 2014

The first time I saw Saguaro cacti was during our move to SoCal in 1997. I was literally trying to take pictures of them
while driving. I've always loved cacti of all shapes and sizes, and they were the kings of the cacti in my eyes. The last time we drove through Arizona, I took a ton
of pictures - which don't seem to have made it to the web site yet. (Who is this lazy web master you guys are stuck with? I should give her a good talking to about timely postings.)
Now, we had made it to the land of Saguaro cacti - Tucson! I was in heaven. We stopped at the museum so I could take some pictures. I was unsure about paying the entrance fee for the hour that
we had available - and then someone gave us free tickets! Here's my free ticket:

....and now the cactus pictures!

I took these in the parking lot while Mike was putting on sunscreen. These cacti are so tall!
Bird holes:

They get pretty woody:

There are tons of them in Tucson! (and none in Texas - here's a great Reverend Horton Heat song on the topic)

"Classic" Saguaro:

cool non-Saguaro cactus

They really are everywhere....this is Saguaro country:

Size check - the Saguaro and the Highlander:

Enough of the parking lot - time for the museum!

Any large Saguaros you see are very very old, because they grow very very slowly.

The museum has a man-made cave exhibit - low clearance! (Well, for Mike.)

Me and a Saguaro!

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