Butterfly Pavilion
Westminster, Colorado: November 22, 2011

We went to the Butterfly Pavilion with our nieces, Maddie and Val, Mike's parents and my parents. I'd never been there before - it's a nifty place and the girls loved it.

Nice praying mantis out front:

The pavilion includes a small aquarium where you can touch a horseshoe crab, as demonstrated by Mike and Maddie:

The main part of the pavilion was pretty much a large greenhouse filled with butterflies.

Mike with his parents and Maddie:

Examining a butterfly that was hanging out on the floor.

More butterflies.

Owl butterfly:

Maddie spent a bit of time chasing a butterfly she named "Red".

Mike showed Val the cocoons.

Looking for butterflies.

Valerie also went exploring.

Picture of the day? Val was not thrilled with the nectar and gnats.

This bird gets to live with the butterflies because it does not eat them.

More butterflies.

My dad, examining a butterfly that was eating:

My mom, with Val and Maddie:

We got to watch a presentation and the release of new butterflies.

The trip ended with some time in the Butterfly Pavilion's playground - including things to climb on, a zip line, and a maze filled with activities.

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