Canada 2015 - Kari's 40th Birthday Trip
May 21-31, 2015

Once upon a time, Eleanor's cousin. Bea, and Bea's husband, Don, used to watch my brother and I after school. Don was from Nova Scotia
and would always tell me how awesome it was. They had a mural in their living room, which Don and I discussed one afternoon. I told him my only
issue with it was that the fluffy clouds looked fake. He said that's what clouds look like in Nova Scotia.

It had been quite some time since Mike and I had a trip alone - perhaps as long ago as Scotland; we honestly can't remember. I decided to plan
a trip for my 40th birthday - something that I had always wanted to see that was close enough that we could do it in about a week. So, we went on a search
for great seafood and fake-looing clouds.

And this is what our vacation looked like!

Just kidding - many thanks to Dan and Terry for watching the cats and keeping us apprised on how they were doing.

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