Christmas Party at Dave and Nancy Kerbaugh's House
Lakewood, Colorado: December 20, 2014

Here we are at Dave and Nancy's new house!

Hanging out in the basement - my dad (Tony Rawluk), Mike's dad (Terry Sanders), and Mike.
Tony Rawluk (Anthony Rawluk), Terry Sanders, Michael Sanders
Mike's sister (Rannae Lyon), his cousin (Danielle Korosec) and Danielle's husband, Josh. Rannae's hubby is hiding behind Josh.
Rannae Lyon (Rannae Sanders), Danielle Korosec (Danielle Nicholls), Josh Korosec, Rob Lyon (Schlep)
Mike and Rob in blurry-vision.

Rannae's daughter, Valerie, and Danielle's son, Will.
Valerie Lyon, Will Korosec
Rannae with her daughter, Madeline, and Danielle's daughter, Hannah.
Rannae Lyon (Rannae Sanders), Madeline Lyon, Valerie Lyon

Mike's dad and Travis' girlfriend, Leah. (Travis is Dave and Nancy's son. Dave is Mike's mom's cousin.)
Terry Sanders
Terry, Leah, Travis, Gwenn (Mike's mom), Nancy.
Terry Sanders, Travis Kerbaugh, Gwenn Sanders (Gwenn Nicholls), Nancy Kerbaugh

Gwenn's cousin Barb, my dad, my mom, Dave, and Gwenn's cousin, Frankie.
Barb Bliss, Tony Rawluk, Linda Rawluk (Linda Buzzo), Dave Kerbaugh, Frankie Greene
Getting ready for presents!

Will's twin sister, Hannah, with Maddie:
Hannah Korosec, Madeline Lyon
Give me the camera back, and take this thing off my head...
Kari Sanders (Kari Rawluk)
Mike by the tree, my parents, Nancy, Gwenn, Rob Lyon, Danielle and Josh, Rannae:

Mike with Valerie and Will:
Michael Sanders, Valerie Lyon, William Korosec
with Gwenn's brother / Danielle's dad, Dale

Gwenn, Rob, and Danielle:
Gwenn Sanders (Gwenn Nicholls), Rob Lyon (Schlep), Danielle Korosec (Danielle Nicholls)



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Gwenn with a picture of her dad that Dave found:
Gwenn Sanders (Gwenn Nicholls)
Leah, Travis, Scott Kerbaugh (Dave's brother), Scott's girlfriend, Uncle Dale:

Scott, Frankie, and Dave:
Scott Kerbaugh, Frankie Greene, Dave Kerbaugh

Rob Lyon, Josh Korosec

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