Our New Cat, Chloe
Golden, Colorado: November 11, 2007

We had been considering getting a cat, and we found pictures of this cute cat on the Cat Care Society's web site.

Her description was

Hello there, I'm Chloe. I came to the shelter when my person lost her home. At first I was in the temporary care program. We hoped that things would get better and I could go home again, but that just didn't happen so now I am waiting for someone to come along who will give me a new safe place to live. I'm really a lovely girl, only one and a half years old. I'm very friendly and affectionate. I liked to sleep in my person's lap and I really like to be brushed and scratched under my chin. I'm very friendly but I'm a bit feisty too. I'm a cat with attitude. I think you'll like me a lot!
We picked her out on November 3rd, but decided to wait a week before bringing her home so Mike would be done working with the nail gun in the bedroom.

We got our new cat on Saturday, November 10th. I went to the shelter in the morning. After she ate some breakfast, they locked her in a room by herself and clipped her nails. Did she get to go out? No - she was then stuffed into the cat carrier I brought with me. Boy, was she mad. I got quite the talking to all the way home.

She settled in after just a few hours of wandering around the house. The big attraction has been the birds. When I brought her in, I opened the cat carrier and she went investigating. She was very excited and kept walking around from room to room...then she saw the birds by the bird feeder. She froze. Then, she tried to pull herself away to keep exploring, but quickly returned to the window and sat nearly motionless for about 20 minutes watching the birds.

She is really cute and cuddly. We've been enjoying her company. Of course, I told Mike I could see where her previous owners, who had a new baby, might have been nervous about having her around....she gets bolty, and likes to go full speed at the cat condo, leaps onto it and attacks! It's hilarious. Sometimes she clings to the pillar and bites at the bottom of the top platform, other times she sits on the top platform and hangs down through the opening to attack the cat condo from above. Whatever it did, it is getting suitably punished. Mike had to screw it to the floor to keep our little 5 pound cat from knocking it over.

It turns out she is hard to take pictures of. She was flopped in Mike's lap Saturday night, but when I brought out the camera, she jumped out and ran at me loudly meowing. "What? Were you a celebrity in a former life? No paparazzi!" Mike figured out that it was the red light for the auto-focus. She really really really loves chasing the spot from Mike's laser pointer. So, the darting at the camera was more "Is that THE red dot?"

Today, I managed to catch a picture of her attacking her cat condo (below)

before she saw the red light. I caught the next picture just before she came running over to me.

She followed the camera into the study, where I got a few more pictures. The second to last picture is from when she settled into watching birds after lunch.

And finally, here she is sitting with Mike:

As advertised, she is litter box and scratching post trained, so we haven't had any troubles that way. And she slept on our bed last night. Overall, she's adorable and well behaved, so we're quite pleased with our choice!