Maddie's First Trip to South Park
Park County, Colorado: July 7, 2007

Mike's parents invited us all up to their trailer for lunch, dinner, and a fun day in South Park. That area has gotten an unusual amount of rain and snow this year, so the first thing Mike noticed was that it was the greenest he'd ever seen it in July:

Wild flowers: paint brush and iris

Rannae, Maddie and Dexter (their dog) arrived soon after we did. It was Maddie's first trip to the trailer and her longest car ride ever. She was a bit shy and bewildered by the whole experience.

Of course, that didn't last long and she started to explore. The uneven rocky ground was tough for someone who had only been walking for a few months (she is 15 months old now), but soon she was on her way.

Maddie with her Uncle Mike and Grandma:

Rannae, Maddie, Mike and Gwenn:

Dexter had his own agenda...

Rob bought Maddie some sunglasses as an experiment, since the bright sun always others her. Mike thought she looked like Hunter S. Thompson. Maddie found them to be a weird experience and went back to squinting in the bright sun. Maybe some other time.

Maddie playing in the sand:

Maddie playing with the watering can:

Maddie playing with a bucket full of water (which was intended as a way to fill up the watering can):


After lunch, Mike took me for a drive on Boreas Pass Road, which stretches between Como and Breckenridge. It was a barely 2-lanes wide dirt road that went up the side of the mountain, then across the Continental Divide.

Views of Breckenridge from Boreas Pass Road (you can see the ski slopes on the mountain).

Breckenridge itself is quite touristy and was overrun by tourists. So, we walked around for a little while but didn't stay long.

In the afternoon, Terry got some old toys out of the storage box. Here's Maddie with the little people (the plastic girls with the flat backs that snap into their scenes or clothes. I used to have those too.):

Maddie, Mike, and his helicopter:

Scrunchy face says 'Take this little person'.

Maddie also got to sit on the dirt bikes:

and then Mike made it go faster:

When all is said and done, there's always time for wandering...