Makers Mark Distillery
Loretto, Kentucky: August 5, 2004

On our quick tour of bourbon distilleries, we stopped at Markers Mark. We were quickly able to join a walking tour of the grounds and distillery.

After leaving the gift shop, the tour begins by crossing this bridge.

To the right is the president's house:

and to the left, some misc. buildings in the distillery grounds.

We arrived at the distillery and were greeted at the door by two large stills.

There was a large room upstairs with several fermentation vats.

We left the distillery and made our way to the aging house.

Makers Mark rotates their barrels (there are opposing philosophies among distillers regarding the rotation of barrels during aging).

The final stop on the tour was the bottle line. Mike really enjoyed this part because it reminded him of his work at Coors. Here you see the bottles being hand-dipped (Makers Mark bottles are normally topped with red wax). This was a special run on the bottle line, since the bottles were being dipped in red and green for the Christmas batch. That means that the two bottle lines were strung together so the bottles could be dipped twice.

After the tour, we returned to the gift shop. One of the gifts was a little bottle of Makers Mark for Jarl - where they let Mike hand-dip it in red wax.