Golden, Colorado: March 27-29, 2009

It may have been 75 degrees outside when I was working on the dry well, but that weather was followed by snow. As a resident of Colorado, I am obligated to post pictures of the snow....just kidding! A lot of people have called wondering how bad it was. So, after a 2-hour commute home on icy roads slowly driving around accidents, this is what I came home to on Friday, March 27th:

Saturday, March 28th: I dug some cat paths for Chloe in the back yard because she was getting cabin fever (and she's not pleasant to be around when she has cabin fever):

Back yard:

Front yard:

Sunday Morning, March 29th: Less than 48 hours later, the snow was mostly gone. I took these pictures while standing outside barefoot in a t-shirt. By the end of the day, just about all of it was gone except for a few inches left in places where there was more shade.