Rock & Bolty Have Dinner
Golden, Colorado: December 28, 2004

When we moved into our house, we found we had a little rabbit for a neighbor. He lives under the spruce tree next door. I named him Rock, because he would always sit very still, as if he thought he were a big gray rock...well, at least, that seemed to be what he was hoping we would think. Here he is watching me take down Christmas lights:

This year, Rock was joined by Bolty. The first time I saw Bolty, he was trying to take a page from Rock's book...just sit still and everything will be fine. The problem was he was doing that in the middle of the road. I was driving the Jetta, and I stopped, thinking he would get out of the way. "No one here but us rocks!" Even rock was looking on from the sidewalk like "Dude, what are ya doing?" I honked the horn. No luck. Finally, I decided this new rabbit was truly not going to move, so I went around him. After I passed, he bolted off the road to the sidewalk. Every time I have seen him since, he has just bolted about. He doesn't tend to get too far, because he does a lot of that nervous back and forth kind of running. We laugh that we can tell them apart when we see them on the lawn at night because one is sitting very still and the other is running around in little circles. It must work - these two survived the fox and, now that the fox no longer frequents our neighborhood, the local coyote. (We had worried when we heard the coyote on the lawn one night, but Rock and Bolty must have been well hidden! They were out the next day - being rock-like and bolty.)

Well, little did we know all of Mike's hard work on the lawn would pay off....apparently making it very delicious! Here they are having dinner in the early evening.