Basement Storage Project - Floor Space and Cats
Golden, Colorado: January 31, 2015

There has been puttering afoot! We continued working on the basement today. But first - cats!
I woke them up while trying to get a picture of them sleeping....
Muggins Sanders and Cirrus Sanders
Cirrus says "hey - no pictures"
Muggins Sanders and Cirrus Sanders
Muggins the cat model:
Muggins Sanders, the cat model
Meanwhile, in the basement... ta da! You can now see the drum set in the corner.
Gary and the drum set
Gary and the drum set
The shelves are full:

Mike also installed some stuff onto our server:
Michael Sanders
I had more room than I thought I would, but the question of what to do with the art and art boxes is lingering....

Just the art boxes and a box of stuff to give away left in the closet!

One picture I don't want to store is the one in the middle - it's called "Sick" (an illness-inspired piece). Mike bought
it for me for my college graduation in 1997. It was painted by a coworker of his (Sean). Where to hang it is a question yet to be answered, but I'd love to see it more!
People tend to either really love it or really be disturbed by it, so I am not sure if the guest bedroom is the best place.
Sick - original artwork by Sean from PrepSat

Cirrus waits.
Cirrus Sanders
"It's dinner time," he says.
Cirrus Sanders

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