Denver Zoo Lights
Denver, Colorado: December 30, 2013

We went to see the Denver Zoo Lights with
Rannae Lyon (Mike's sister) and her two daughters, Madeline and Valerie, Gwenn and Terry Sanders (Mike's parents),
and Danielle Korosec (Mike's cousin) with her twins, Will and Hannah, and Will's friend Xzasha.
Gwenn and Terry treated us all to dinner at Red Robin, and then we were on our way to the zoo!

Entering the zoo

Getting the kids situated with gloves and special snowflake glasses (every light looks like a snowflake)



Neat light effect in the tree ... but I have got to remember the camera doesn't have a landscape mode for video. The top of the tree is to your left. AVI file, 3.4 Mb


Gingerbread men! From left the right: Hannah, Will, Maddie, with Xzasha in front

Maddie running up to hug a gingerbread man

Xzasha on the left,Maddie on the right, Hannah in front.

A nice warm spot to stop for a few minutes:

Headed to the aquarium! Mike was quick to point out that dolphins don't swim in trees.



Maddie's happy dance as we go to the aquarium AVI file, 2 Mb


The area around the aquarium was set up with blue lights for that "under the sea" feeling.



Animated otter lights AVI file, 1 Mb


ice sculptures

entrance to the aquarium

complete with big foot! (I am not sure what big foot has to do with the aquarium, but he's there every year - maybe just looking for a snack)

Nice and toasty warm in the aquarium. We were actually there for 40 minutes or so - the kids never seem to get tired of aquariums!

the atrium is cool at night

Mike and Danielle help them get a better view

Back outside and heading to the main entrance/exit

All done!

And we returned home to a grumblecake

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