Rob Lyon's Birthday Party
Mannie and Bo's Pizzeria - Golden, Colorado: August 6, 2014

Party at Mannie and Bo's!
Maddie and Will at the kid's table:

Mike and his Uncle Dale (mom's brother):

Party! Ray is at the head of the table. Starting on the left, from front to back:
Hannah, Josh, Danielle (Dale's daughter), Terry (Mike's dad), Grandma Kitty (Terry's mom), Auntie Linda (Terry's sister).
On the right from back to front:
Tony, Linda (my parents), Gwenn (Mike's mom), Valerie, Rannae (Mike's sister), Rob.

Thanks go to Uncle Dale for a nice picture of Mike and me!

Mike and Valerie:

Rob, using his birthday cards as a shield:

Maddie being goofy:

Uncle Dale, Mike, and Valerie watch Rob open cards after dinner:

I am not really sure what Hannah is doing to her dad here....

Why an elephant beanie baby? I don't know - spur of the moment thing. You're welcome, Rob.

Valerie reads cards to Mike

Time for the big present!

A metal detector!

Valerie likes the bow from the metal detector...

a hug for Will!

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