Of Squirrels and Crows (with Bonus Hummingbird Footage)
Golden, Colorado: August 30, 2014

I had a bunch of bird seed that developed a moth problem. I put the whole pile out
on the wall, and it has created a bit of entertainment in-between periods of reading in the kitchen.
The local flock of crows has pretty much claimed possession of the pile, but some little squirrels
are challenging their position. Using your tail as a hat apparently provides some protection, or at
least builds confidence. Here they are with one of the crows:

while another watches from the fence.

The squirrel on the patio jumped onto to wall, scaring everyone off. (none of them are that bright)

or was it part of a master plan? Wait it out long enough...

... "I win!"

Meanwhile, the hummingbird has been thoroughly enjoying the hummingbird mint (agastache) plant.
The video gives an extended look at how much our hummingbirds LOVE that plant.



Hummingbird loves the Agastache. AVI file, 25.5 Mb (1 minutes, 40 sec)


Last updated 31Aug2014