Easter Dinner
Golden, Colorado: April 20, 2014

Easter dinner at our house started with the egg hunt! There was no containing Maddie and Val - they were off and running...

Flat Stanley helped, too.

Counting the eggs - they found 118 of 120.

Tulips and the Super Toad:

Maddie found the last egg!

Chloe was staying out of sight (she has a cold).

Val, Maddie, and Rob playing with horseshoes.

From left to right, Valerie, Grandma Kitty, Auntie Linda, Mike, Rannae, and Terry

Auntie Linda and Grandma Kitty

Rob and Flat Stanley playing catch

Not sure what Rob's plan was here....

Flat Stanley with the turtle the Lyon family gave me for my MBA graduation.

Valerie loves to hang out with her grandpa

The cat my mom gave me and the wooden eggs from my Grandma Rawluk (dad's mom)

and to appease those who want to see me in more pictures....

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