Walkway Project - Part 1
Golden, Colorado: November 8, 2014

Fixing the walkway was one of the things on my post-MBA to-do list...and I finally got started!
Too much activity makes Muggins sad and worried (Mike filled the wheelbarrow tire with air.)
Muggins Sanders
While I was at work in the morning, Mike picked up one third ton of concrete sand for me...

and here's the project site! We had this installed a couple of years ago, but the walkway has been settling badly.

So, I pulled up the pavers.

It was a very warm fall day,

and even though it's been a while since I did any landscaping, I was holding up pretty well.
Kari Sanders

My pumpkin is looking a lot creepier now than it did on Halloween.

I spread sand over where the pavers were.

Still doing ok.
Kari Sanders
Cirrus came to visit me while I was on the phone with my brother.

Back to the sand.

a little less chipper after tamping...
Kari Sanders
It might be only 4 pm, but Cirrus says it is dinner time.
Cirrus Sanders
Cirrus Sanders
Cirrus Sanders
Cirrus Sanders

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