Nikko, Japan
October 6, 2005

Guardian of Souls in Hell
Savior from the Torments of Hell
Master of Six States of Reincarnation.
Protector of Children, Expectant Mothers, Firemen, Travelers, and Pilgrims. Protector of Aborted / Miscarried Babies.
Guardian of Children in Limbo
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"Today, though, the Jizo statues represent the souls of miscarried, stillborn or aborted children":

Shin-kyo Bridge, on Daiya-gawa River

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Pagoda at the Toshogu:

From Wikipedia:
Everything from Omote-mon to stairway leading up to Yomei-mon. However, see Three Wise Monkeys, and Lanterns. The Outer Gate, or Omote-mon, stands at the top of the first staircase. Statues of the guardian gods occupy the niches to the left and right on the outside. On the inside are statues of lions. The path goes straight for a short distance. Stone lanterns stand to both sides. The path turns left toward the Sacred Stable.

Across the path are three storehouses. Nearest the Outer Gate is the Shimojinko; next is the Nakajinko; the last is the Kamijinko. Carvings of elephants and lions decorate the gables of the Kamijinko. These animals were unknown in Japan, and the sculptor had to imagine them.

Carving of the god of thunder in the Nitenmon Gate of Taiyuin-byo Shrine

Lion and elephant carvings beneath roof. Kamijinko.

Sacred stable and three wise monkeys: