Fête du Bordeaux
Westin Hotel in Denver, Colorado: February 4, 2014

Each year, our local liquor store, Applejack, hosts a gourmet dinner at the Westin Hotel. It is called the Fête du Bordeaux. We always book transportation because, along with an
awesome dinner prepared by Jean-Luc and his team, you get a champagen reception and about 14 glasses of wine. All of the wines are
paired with the courses of the meal. We usually try the wine with and without food, keeping notes on the the menu. Here are my notes:

Pictures from the reception before dinner. From left to right: Mike, Diana, Christy, and Jarl.

A bystander offered to take a picture of use as a group so I could be in the picture,
but I think she was already feeling the effects of the champagne reception.

Sitting down for dinner. Diana:

Jarl and Christy

Camera war!


Jarl's pictures from before dinner:

wines for the evening:

Jarl borrowed my camera to get more pictures of the wine:

I trimmed this one because Mike was making a weird face that I figured he wouldn't want me to post

I don't take many food picturs, but the lamb deserved it:

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