Southern California Road Trip
August 12-17, 2005

We realized it had been quite some time since we had paid a visit to the folks we know in SoCal, so we scheduled a quick road trip to try to see as many people as possible. Regrettably, there are numerous people we missed and we were bad about remembering to take pictures, but we had a good time.

  • August 12: Desert View on the way to SoCal
  • August 13-14: Visiting Tony and Becke
  • August 14: PCH and Santa Monica
  • August 15: The fleeing people of Orange County
  • August 15: Visit to the San Diego Aerospace Museum with my brother
  • August 15: Visit to Balboa Park with my brother
  • August 15: Visit to San Diego Wild Animal Park with my brother
  • August 16: Howard, Karen, and Warren