Walking Around Golden
Golden, Colorado: April 19, 2009

If you've had the pleasure (?) of following my photo album journals over the years, you know that I almost like taking pictures of the day after a snow storm more than I like taking pictures more than during a snow storm at night (blurry pictures of snow flakes at night from the early 90's not to be confused with blurry pictures of the moon at night....I have since discovered some sort of technology I hear is called a tri-pod.) Anyhow, we had three days of rain and snow. After 3 weeks of working almost 70 hours a week, I needed a good break from it all, so I took a walk to get some snow pictures....Colorado style, wearing a t-shirt (with all the walking, was too warm for a jacket).

Heading to the Tucker Gulch trail, we see Table Mesa over the Foss horse barns:

North Table Mountain (the one you can see from our yard):

Tucker Gulch Trail
Friendly mountain lion warning (not usually a problem during the day)

This is the rare Colorado bottle tree. I think it is a native species, but I am not sure....

More of Tucker Gulch:

Table Mesa as seen from Ford Street near Coors Ceramics:

Vanover Park, with Coors and Table Mesa in the background:

Coors, as seen from Ford Street:

Walking West along Clear Creek:

Golden gets more and more sidewalk art every time I walk through...or so it seems.

Guy Hill School: This is the schoolhouse where Mike's grandma went to school. It used to be on Guy Hill in Golden Gate Canyon, but was moved here as part of a historical preservation effort.

The other side of Clear Creek, heading back to Washington Avenue:

Golden would be pretty safe if it weren't for the butterflies:

Washington Avenue, with the upgraded "Howdy folks" sign:

New bridge on Washington Avenue across Highway 58. It's supposed to be finished by June:

The side that is finished, with new walkway over the highway:

And I can't complete a walk around Golden without looking across Highway 58 to North Table Mountain.... somewhere in the distance is what's left of 7 trees (our little sanctuary now includes a parking lot and port-a-potty.