Golden's 4th of July Fireworks
Golden, Colorado: July 4, 2014

Mike and I enjoyed Golden's 4th of July fireworks - we watched them from the intramural fields at Mines. The city now shoots
the fireworks off from the same spot as Mines uses for edays.... and we felt similarly threatened but baseball sized chunks of ember
falling on the street in front of us (which means it was perfect!)

The "M" lights were reconfigured to be red, white, and blue:

On the Mines campus before the show started:

View of Golden from the intramural field:

Show Time!



Fireworks in front of us. AVI file, 7.8 Mb




Cool new colors. AVI file, 3.2 Mb




Ember Rain. AVI file, 9.7 Mb


Look out below! This one looks more like a missile launch than a firework.



Grand Finale. AVI file, 5.9 Mb


nothing but smoke and memories...

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