Post-Thanksgiving Leftovers Lunch
Golden, Colorado: November 28, 2014

We went to back to Mike's parents' house for a post-Thanksgiving leftovers lunch.
Mike loved the irony in this bowl o' ham:

My dad with Maddie:
Tony Rawluk (Anthony Rawluk), Madeline Lyon
Valerie was upset that I had missed getting a picture of her when she got her piggy-back ride. Mike had
to explain that his back is not up to piggy-back rides.
Valerie Lyon, Michael Sanders
Luckily, my dad was feeling up to round 2!
Valerie Lyon, Tony Rawluk
Rannae, Uncle Dale, my dad and Valerie:
Rannae Lyon (Rannae Sanders), Dale Nicholls, Tony Rawluk, Valerie Lyon
Danielle (Dale's daughter), Dale,Casey (Dale's son),and Mike:
Danielle Korosec (Danielle Nicholls), Dale Nicholls, Casey Nicholls, Michael Sanders
Will (Danielle's son) and Valerie:
Valerie Lyon, William Korosec
Maddie with Will's twin sister, Hannah:
Madeline Lyon, Hannah Korosec
Valerie was really focused on dessert:
Valerie Lyon

Dale Nicholls, Hannah Korosec

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