Snow at Night
Golden, Colorado: January 6, 2005

I received a request via Christmas card for more snow pictures. We haven't had much snow thus far this year, so I took a few pictures of the inch we had gotten at night.....just for something different. I've always loved how snow looks at night.

Of course, the sun comes up here. I saw a lady on the Daily Show who was telling Jon about a trip she was planning to Sweden...for 2 days only. "2 days?" he asked. She explained that the sun doesn't shine in Sweden at this point in the winter, but she likes it because the snow has a neat glow that makes it look like a winter wonderland. "But by day 3, it's just a frozen hellscape?" *grin* :>) Luckily, in Golden, we don't lack sun nor do we have trouble getting the snow to melt.

Here's a view from the new laundry room window:

Here are some pictures of the back yard, from the floor by the patio door and from the glass table on the patio, which looks pretty cool in the picture.