Golden, Colorado: February 24, 2013

We got 14 inches of snow and it's bee fun! I've been thankful I didn't end up having ankle surgery last Wednesday - been shoveling and fussing with the snow, went to lunch at the Blue Canyon Grill with my hubby, went to Safeway to pick up some fruit and veggies. Here are some pictures from my latest adventure outside.

Here's the scene that inspired me to go outside again to shovel some cat paths, put out bird food, and take some pictures...

back yard:

big drifts on the south side of the house!

front yard:

cat paths in the back yard:

Chloe longs for the warmer days....or at least for when the wind will stop blowing all the snow around so she can use her cat paths to go yell at the birds and squirrels.

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