Kari's College Graduation
Golden, Colorado: May 9, 1997

Before the Graduation:
Laurie Woodring, me, Mike:

Laurie, me, mom, and my brother Mike:

My college gradation from the Colorado School of Mines

The administrative building, Guggenheim: (I like the shooting star on the right)

The stage:

My mom (with Mike in the background):

Getting my Engineering Physics degree:

Getting my Electrical Engineering degree:

After the graduation

Laurie and me:

My brother, Mr. Shawn Kirby (as Mike liked to call him), my dad, me, and Jarl's dog Shanka:

My brother, Shawn, Jarl, me, and Shanka:

Opening gifts at our house (which was actually Mike's grandma's house. We were living in her house after having left the "Silver Reef" apartment we had shared with Jessica, she was living with his parents.)

Card from Grandma Buzzo:

Dinner at the T-Wa Inn:

At the head of the table, Shawn. From left to right: Rannae's boyfriend Rob, Mike's sister Rannae, his parents Terry and Gwenn, my brother, my parents (Linda and Tony), me, and Mike:

Same picture, plus Jarl minus dad:

Collection of cards in Mike's Grandma Nicholls' kitchen: