Hiking through Lynn Park
Vancouver, Canada (British Columbia): May 26, 2007

We left Denver early Saturday morning, and since it is a fairly short flight to Vancouver, we had plenty of time in the afternoon to wander Vancouver. So we took the Seabus (pics from 2003 trip)
and made our way up to Lynn Park. Here are the signs at the entrance of the hiking trails:

One of the main attractions here is a suspension bridge above a rushing river. Thanks to Rannae and Rob for lending us their video camera, you will get a multimedia experience. Here are the pictures from crossing the bridge and sign on the other side.

and the video that Mike took, with coke can in one hand and video camera in the other, crossing a bridge that was swaying quite a bit.
Link to Video: Walking to the Suspension Bridge, 5.6 Mb
Link to Video: Crossing the Suspension Bridge, 11.7 Mb
Link to Video: Reflections on Crossing the Suspension Bridge, 7.7 Mb
(lens cap reference dates back to ~1996 when we visited the Royal Gorge Bridge, and you can probably guess from the video commentary who may have dropped a lens cap into the Royal Gorge)

After crossing the bridge, we hiked down to Twin Falls. Here are video and pictures from the trip to the falls.

Link to Video: The Road Less Traveled, 9.1 Mb
Link to Video: Ferntastic, 1.2 Mb
Link to Video: Stairs Leading to Twin Falls, 2.2 Mb
Link to Video: Moss Rock, Tiny Pinecones, and Other Tales, 6.2 Mb

Approaching Twin Falls:

Link to Video: First Look at Twin Falls, 12.8 Mb

Look Right

Look Left

Link to Video: Nifty Cove, 5.5 Mb
Link to Video: Swiftly Moving Water, 2.1 Mb

The Bridge



Mike climbing the stairs leading up from Twin Falls

Link to Video: Leaving Twin Falls, 3.1 Mb

Here's a sign Mike really liked - don't park your car under this sign!