New Windows!
Golden, Colorado: October 6-7, 2005

We recently had new windows installed in the house. All of the windows on the main floor were replaced except the laundry room, bathroom, and garage. This included the patio door (thanks mom and dad!). The windows are white vinyl, custom made and installed by Accent Windows, one of several places Mike used to work as a graphic artist. We still need to put trim up, etc. but these pictures will give you an idea of how the house looks without the old aluminum frames.

Back of the house, with a wall cameo:

North side of the house (bedroom, bathroom, study):

Front of the house:

Patio door:

Living room:



Here's where Phoebe has been hiding out:

And if you were familiar with what the study looked like, you might have been thinking "Where did the bookshelves go?" They went to the red room in the basement.

These windows have thick vinyl frames with two latches. For the most part, they open to the left, like this window in the study.