Rawluks in South Park
South Park, Colorado: May 28, 2006

We all went up to Gwenn and Terry's trailer so my family could see the much-talked-about South Park spot. Here's my brother and parents, with Silver Heels (snow-capped mountain) in the background:

with Gwenn:

with Mike and me:

Here's the view of the trailer from that spot:

and the view from the trailer:

My brother by the fire pit:

Looking behind the trailer from the fire pit, you can see Mt. Baldy

We all went for a walk. The guy who owns the property behind them owns these Scottish long-haired cows:

Of course, they thought we had treats for them, so when went through the gate, they started to follow us:

My mom was a little unnerved by the cows following us...

Eventually, they gave up.

Here's some of the views we got as we headed up the hill from the trailer:

As we entered an aspen grove, we came upon the hunting shack (subject of the postcard idea my dad had), wild iris, and a skull:

We walked through the grove to a meadow:

It's colder and more windy at high altitude in May than in Golden. To quote Cartman in the South Park cartoon, "Screw you guys, I'm going home." *grin* (No, Mom didn't actually say that...)

Of course, we followed:

We went back to the trailer, had some lunch, and set out (without Mom and my hubby) for another walk. Here's Silver Heels as seen from Gwenn and Terry's property as we headed out:

Walking toward the National forest:

We got a little bit closer to Silver Heels, then headed back down along the stream:

We found the beaver dam. Here's a picture I took of my brother:

He tried to get a little more artsy when taking a picture of me:

Headed back to the trailer: