Grandma's 75th Birthday Party
Patchogue, New York: July, 1985

Grandma with me and Mike:

Grandma and her siblings:
Standing, from left to right: Uncle John, Aunt Zanny, Aunt Sally, Aunt Mary.
Seated: Grandma and her brother, Peppe.
See the Ferri family portrait from 1923 for comparison. :>)

At the head table:

Tackle-hug from my brother:

Peppe and his wife, Winnie (Winifred):

Birthday cake!

From front to back: Mike, me, Grandma, Jimmy (Tina's son)

Mom and Grandma cutting the first piece with Uncle Caesar (Aunt Mary's husband) watching:

Mike and Uncle Caesar watching Mom:

Gifts: From left to right, Rina (daughter of Jackie (Zannie's son) and Lucy), me, Mike, Grandma, Mom, Winnie

In the back from left to right: ?, Arnie (Aunt Mary's son-in-law, husband of her daughter Luisa), Mom, Steve (Aunt Mary's son-in-law, husband of Tina), Tina.
In the front, from left to right:?, Rina, Ralph, Luisa

Arnie, Mom, Steve, Tina, Luisa (in front)

From left to right, Paul, Ralph, Aunt Zanny, Mom
Facing away from the camera: me and my brother

I have no clue who these people are...

From left to right: Arnie, Peppe, and Jackie Orlando (Aunt Zannie's son)