The Pinball Hall of Fame
Las Vegas, Nevada: March 21, 2014

Mike laughed after finding out that I thought the "Pinball Hall of Fame" was a museum where you look at the machines.
Actually, it's a nonprofit organization. Donations cover all of their operating expenses, and they donate all the money people spend playing the
games to charity. It's a really good deal - they keep the prices the same as they were when the machine first came out.
Most of the machines have tags that give you more information about them. Mike and I were in our element - he played, I took pictures.
Well, and I did play the X-Files pinball.



Super flipper action!. AVI file, 4 Mb




Creepy Clown. AVI file, 1.2 Mb




All digital! This machines has 175 games on it.. AVI file, 2.3 Mb


"Holiday,Darling!" We spent a ton of time playing Tommy with Jarl back in the mid-1990's. And yes, we were
actively scouring the hall of fame so Mike could get the bonus that makes it say "Holiday, Darling!"

The new name of this machine is related to the modification in the lower right corner.

This game is really nifty - check out the video below to see how it works. It has knobs for the airflow and bat movement.



Magic Baseball Game.. AVI file, 2.45 Mb


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