Mesa Verde
Colorado: May 28, 2004

After a day of driving, we finally arrived in Mesa Verde National Park. There's a long winding road fom the park entrance to the area where the hotel, the Far View Lodge, is. On our way through the park, we found an overlook with a view.

We could also see where the fires had damaged the park several years ago.

Our room at the Far View Lodge:

That evening, we went to their fancy restaurant for dinner. Yes, it was weird to be in an upscale restaurant run by Aramark - the same company that was in charge of the school cafeteria when we were at Mines....but they did a much better job with this. The food was great and we had a nice view from our window.

Sunset walk - including pictures of local flowers and the slow re-growth of the mini oak trees.

After our walk, we stopped at the bar that was one floor above the restaurant, so we could sit on the patio and enjoy some scotch. We were soon joined by two of the park workers, who shared stories with us until late that night. We had to excuse ourselves, because the park tour was scheduled for fairly early the following morning.