The Rav4
Golden, Colorado: January 19, 2007

We traded in the beloved Prius to get a car that would do a lot better in snow (which we have had plenty of this year). The first set of Prius models had a known problem with the traction control system that would cause it to cut power to the wheels when it thought they were slipping. This had manifested itself by shutting down the engine halfway up a hill and bringing the car to a complete stop. This problem has been fixed for later models, but there was nothing we could do about it for mine. So, we traded it in and used that money plus an inheritance from my grandma plus a small loan to buy a 6 cylinder 2006 Rav4 on January 1st. It had roughly 16,000 miles on it when we bought it.

The back opens horizontally, and the seats can be folded down for extra room:

It still fits nicely in the garage: