4 Corners
New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah: May 28, 2004

Since we would be in the area while driving from Albuquerque to Mesa Verde, we made a quick stop at the 4 Corners monument - where the corners of four states meet. It was incredibly windy there, so we just went and did the tourist thing - took pictures around the monument. Then, we were on our way to Mesa Verde!

4 Corners Sign
4 Corners
4 Corners
4 Corners and Mike
4 Corners and Kari
Funny story about the last picture: I've always enjoyed the company of bikers, mostly because I find them to be friendly people who bring a unique and sometimes comical perspective to any conversation. While we were at 4 Corners, we were talking to a biker who was there with his family. They took their pictures, then we took ours. After Mike finished taking my picture, I saw he was laughing.

"You'll never hear the end of that one, " he said.
"How's that?"
"Now he can say your [butt] is so big it covers four states!"
We all had a good laugh and then were on our way.